LTA Junior Tennis Tournaments

LTA Junior Tennis


Get Set to Ace it!

Take part at our West London Park Sports' venues

LTA Junior Tennis Tournaments are a great opportunity for our players to put into practice what they have learnt on our programme.

For kids 9 and under, these tournaments normally last half a day and use a simple format - a one match tiebreak to 10 points for players competing with an orange or red ball. Easy.

LTA Local Tour

How to Sign Up

At Chiswick we offer a Friday Matchplay Course (For Ages 10+) organised by Park Sports. Click on the below link to book your child's entry.

Our Ealing Tournaments are organised by Serving For Gold. Click on the below venues to see upcoming events which are now open to entry.

If you have any questions about joining an Ealing Tournament please contact Sangeeta Arora:

Serving for Gold LTA Junior Tournaments

LTA Junior Tennis Tournaments — Frequently Asked Questions

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