Racket Stringing

Hyde Park & The Regent's Park

Tennis Racket Stringing

Fast, Professional Stringing Service

How it Works

  1. Bring your tennis racket to Park Sports Hyde Park or The Regent's Park.
  2. Choose from our recommended leading brands and types of tennis string.
  3. Still unsure? Choose 'Our Stringer's Recommendation'.
  4. Pay and leave your racket at reception.
  5. Collect your racket 4-days* later and Go Play!

*Not including day of purchase*

Tennis Racket Stringing

Re-Stringing Options

£35 per racket
'Our Stringer's Recommendation' 
Polyesters - for topspin and durability 
Multifilament - for ultimate comfort and power 
Hybrid of Polyester + Multifilament - for a mixture of comfort and spin

£65 per racket - 'Champions Choice'
Natural Gut + Polyester (Federer's Strings) - for comfort, spin and power

£25 per racket - 'Bring your Own String'
Bring your own string when you drop off your racket and just pay for labour costs

Restringing Service

Racket Re-Stringing - Frequently Asked Questions